Alienware Alpha Intel-Powered SFF Gaming PC: Consoles Beware

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SiSoft SANDRA and Cinebench

First up, we ran the Alienware Alpha through SiSoft SANDRA and Cinebench. The SiSoft suite offers as a range of diagnostic and system utilities, including several benchmarks. These tests are designed to test particular components, including the processor, memory, graphics card, and the computer's main storage device.

Synthetic Benchmarks

SiSoft SANDRA has a variety of tests that stress specific components or simulate certain tasks. We put the Alienware Alpha through the CPU Arithmetic, Multimedia, Memory Bandwidth, and Physical Disks tests. SANDRA receives frequent updates, so if you use the benchmark, check to make sure you have the latest version.

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The Alpha produced lower results than most of the gaming PCs we've tested lately, but that's to be expected, considering the PC's mainstream, mobile components.

Cinebench R15 64-bit
Content Creation Performance

Based on Maxon Cinema 4D software, this test uses a 3D scene and polygon and texture manipulation to assess GPU and CPU performance. We run the Main Processor Performance (CPU) test, which builds a still scene containing about 2,000 objects, for total polygon count above 300,000. We also run the OpenGL test.



The Alienware Alpha produced an average 84.95 frames per second in Cinebench R15, as well as a CPU score of 273.  Understandably, the Core i7 processor comes out on top in the CPU-intensive tests, but the Alpha is boss in the OpenGL benchmark.

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