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The Albatron Gigi - GeForce FX 5200 Ultra
Mainstream With Muscle?

By - Tom Laverriere
October 28, 2003

For our last set of benchmark scores, we used Massive Development's Aquamark 3.  We ran the same demo using the same in game settings, putting both graphics card on level playing field.  Here's what we found.

Aquamark 3
More DirectX 9

The Radeon 9000 Pro manages to beat out Albatron's FX 5200 Ultra at all three settings, and by a decent margin in some instances.  With AA and AF turned on, however, the powered by NVIDIA card pulled off a small performance improvement over the R9000 Pro.

Overclocking This Beast
Getting some extra bang for the buck!

To see if we could increase some of these frame rates we are getting, we set out to overclocking the Albatron FX 5200 Ultra card.  The default settings on this card are a core clock of 325MHz with the DDR memory clocked at 325MHz (effective 650MHz).  We slowly started upping the memory and clock frequencies, running numerous demos after each jump to ensure the stability of the card and picture quality.  We finally settled in at a core clock speed of 400MHz and memory timings of 750MHz.  From the chart above you can see we gained more than 10 frames per second in Serious Sam: TSE at 1024x768 with 4X AA enabled.  That's a pretty impressive 18.6% gain in performance.  The extra cooling on the GPU and RAM help keep this card cool even when this card is pushed far beyond factory settings.

The aesthetically pleasing Albatron Gigi - GeForce FX 5200 Ultra proved to be stable and quiet throughout our testing.  When it comes to performance, the Albatron GeForce FX 5200 Ultra card leaves a little to be desired, however.  On various search engines, the Albatron card comes in at almost twice the price as its competitor, the Radeon 9000 Pro or even 9200 Pros for that matter.  Obviously the FX 5200U has more memory and goes a little farther in the cooling department, but are the minor performance gains we saw from the 5200 Ultra worth the extra cost?  Adding more question marks about this card, is its ability to perform well in the latest DirectX 9 games, since there are quite a few DirectX 9 titles just around the corner.  Please understand that Albatron has manufactured a quality product, but as the saying goes, you can only be as good as your surrounding cast and NVIDIA's GeForce FX5200 GPU doesn't quite step up to the plate with much force.  If you want a quality product from Albatron that can run today's games and not break your bank, then this is a decent card.  If you're in the market for a card that will take you into the future of gaming, then you'll probably want to look elsewhere.  Perhaps a new GeForce FX 5700 is waiting in the wings at Albatron?

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