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The Albatron Gigi GeForce FX 5200 Ultra
Mainstream With Muscle?

By - Tom Laverriere
October 28, 2003

Albatron is known for taking NVIDIA's reference designs and dressing them up a bit.  The Gigi FX 5200 Ultra card is no exception.  For all those that may have seen, or own, Albatron's Ti4200 card, their FX 5200U card has strikingly similar appearance, as shown in the pictures below.




This FX 5200 Ultra's blue PCB is a nice touch.  With modding becoming extremely popular among the enthusiast community, having a flashy card such as this Albatron FX 5200 Ultra inside the case is a nice touch.  While all the pretty colors will do nothing for performance, the heatsink and RAM-sinks chosen by Albatron may do the trick.  The all copper heatsink and fan combination over the GPU is a nice touch and definitely adds increased cooling capabilities compared to the run of the mill solutions.  The heatsink is affixed to the GPU with a white thermal paste.  Given the size of the fan and heatsink on this card, some may think it would tend to be a bit on the noisy side, but we could not hear it above the sound of the CPU fan.  The 128MB of RAM this card comes equipped with is cooled with copper RAM-sinks and thermal paste.  The RAM-sinks are held in place with spring retention pins.  Upon removal, we noticed the amount of thermal paste used was a bit on the skimpy side.  It would have been nice to see the entire RAM chip covered with paste rather than just a dot at the center.  In any event, the RAM-sinks not only aid in the overclocking potential of this card, but also make the card attractive.  The power adaptor is located at the end of the PCB which makes it easily reachable from the PSU. 

The back I/O plate of the FX 5200 Ultra shows its dual monitor capabilities.  The card is equipped with both Analog and DVI outputs.  Also on the back plate is the S-Video jack for the TV-OUT feature of this card.  Overall, we all agreed that the Albatron FX 5200 Ultra is a quality product and is a well thought out design by Albatron.

Screenshots with Antialiasing Enabled
Say Bye Bye to the Jaggies



Quincunx AA




We took the liberty of capturing a few screen shots from Massive Development's Aquamark 3.  The above screen shots are taken to show the quality of the 5200 Ultra's Antialiasing modes.  The exact same frame was captured during each run for comparison purposes.  In the images above pay special attention to the vehicle traveling across the ocean floor.  Notice how the jagged edges on the vehicle disappear as we raise the AA setting.  The best way to compare the images is to open a few at the same time and quickly switch back and forth between them.  While there is noticeable improvements between the setting with no AA and 2X AA, it's very hard to distinguish any changes between 2X AA and the higher settings.  Since this card isn't blazingly fast, the setting for the best quality/performance ratio is at 2X AA.  Also notice the 4XS setting which enables 4X AA only in Direct3d games.  The 4XS mode shows some noticeable improvement over the standard 4X AA setting.


Let's See Some Numbers

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