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The Absolute MORPHEUS GeForce3
Great minds in 3D Graphics come together and make it happen

By Dave Altavilla

The Aquamark benchmark that is derived from Massive Development's Aquanox game engine, is one tough cookie of a Direct 3D benchmark.  It even brings the GeForce3 to its knees somewhat but that is the intent.  The game itself supposedly is not designed to flood the graphics pipeline but the visuals sure do look like they could!

Click images for full view - All shots in 32 bit color - 32 bit color desktop recommended

More Direct 3D Benchmarking
Aquanox's under water frame rate crunching gauntlet

Here the poor legacy GeForce2 Ultra is left behind handily by our two GeForce3 cards.  Once again, amongst these two GF3 infused titans, there is little difference in performance while at stock clock speeds.


Let's face it folks, as long as you can follow a reference design and you have decent quality in your manufacturing process, it's hard not to build a great graphics card based on the nVidia GeForce3 chipset.  Most all GeForce3 cards perform within 1 or 2 % of each other.  What really separates the men from the boys so to speak,  in this arena, is cooling and the bells and whistles.

In this regard, the Absolute MORPHEUS GeForce3 is a product that stands tall in its class.  The card comes equipped with a Heat Sink and Fan assembly for the GPU and Heat Sinks on the DDR SDRAM, that provide some of the best cooling performance we have seen to date.  We were able to hit clock speeds with this card like no other we have tested thus far.  The only other consideration for the Absolute MORPHEUS GeForce3, should be price.  Here again, with a total of 4 full version software titles bundled in at a price of $349 at Absolute's E-Shop, how can you go wrong?   This price point puts it in line with the most competitive GeForce3 cards on the market.

We like the Absolute MORPHEUS GeForce3 so much, we're giving it the coveted HotHardware Editor's Choice Award.

and a Heat Meter rating of....

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