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The Absolute MORPHEUS GeForce3
Great minds in 3D Graphics come together and make it happen

By Dave Altavilla

Our next two tests exercise our 3D Graphic contenders in an OpenGL environment.  Quake 3 is fairly dated technology now but still THE benchmark of benchmarks in this space.  We also ran a newcomer, Vulpine GLMark and threw in a GeForce2 Ultra card for reference.

Benchmarks - Quake3 Arena and Vulpine GLMark
OpenGL performance at its finest

Our two GeForce3 contenders are neck and neck but the GeForce2 Ultra is left in the dust at high resolutions and 32 bit color.  Occasionally, the MORPHEUS takes the lead here versus the Visiontek card.

To give you a feel for the performance hit in the various AA modes, we ran time demos on the MORPHEUS in each level of anti-aliasing.  4X AA at 1024X768X32 is so darn pretty in Quake3 Arena, you'll want to run it that way all the time and at 50 fps, you can.

 But what about our overclocked speeds?  Great minds think alike...

We'll take that 10-15% speed increase and love it, thank you very much.  We're beginning to like the MORPHEUS more and more.




Vulpine GLMark and Dronez


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