Abit Siluro GeForce Ti4200 w/OTES

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The Abit Siluro GeForce Ti4200 w/OTES
Taking Value to a New Level

By, Jeff Bouton
October 30, 2002

OpenGL Continued with Quake3...
Antialiasing and Anisotropic Testing.

4X Full Screen Antialiasing:

Clearly 2X FSAA wasn't enough to tame the Siluro Ti4200 in Quake 3, so we kicked things up to 4X and let the benchmarks ride.


Obviously 1024x768 is not an issue for either card with 4X FSAA enabled.  Both cards posted triple digit scores, with the Ti4600 overshadowing the Siluro by 27FPS.


It looks like we finally found something to slow the Siluro down.  The Quake3 Timedemo DEMO004 was a good challenge for both cards with 4X FSAA enabled.  This time the Ti4200 slipped just below the 60FPS often considered the minimum playable frame rate.  Even the Ti4600 dropped significantly showing that neither card would be capable of 60FPS at 1600X1200. 

Once again, the Siluro stayed in the game with the Ti4600 throughout.  We never expected the Siluro to actually beat the Ti4600, we just wanted to see how it compared.  What we found is that the Siluro GeForce4 Ti4200 OTES has what it takes to run just about anything the Ti4600 could.  But wait, we are not quite done yet.  Next we are going to throw some Anisotropic tests into the mix to see how the two cards scored.

32-Tap Anisotropic:

The final stages of this review is going to focus on Anisotropic testing.  The first round of tests are going to focus on 32-Tap (4X in nVidia's drivers), then we'll run the tests at 64-Tap (8X in nVidia's drivers).


Right out of the gate we see the Siluro post a great score, pacing the Ti4600 within 9FPS.  Clearly at 1024x768, both cards were up to the task with room to spare, so let's turn up the resolution to 1280x1024.


Again, both cards turned in very good scores, demonstrating that Anisotropic filtering is not an issue as this level.  Let's see if that hold true at 1600x1200.


Obviously neither card is going to complain at any resolution and the Siluro certainly held its own against the Ti4600. 

Now we'll be wrapping things up with one final round of Anisotropic tests.

64-Tap Anisotropic Testing & Final Thoughts

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