Abit NF7S Motherboard

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Abit NF7-S Motherboard
Abit's Version of the NVIDIA nForce2 Chipset

By, Tom Laverriere
January 7, 2003


To test the Abit board's 3D gaming performance, we used the latest versions of Comanche 4 and Quake 3 Arena.  Quake 3 may be a little outdated, but still gives a good idea of memory bandwidth and CPU performance in a system.  All tests were run at default and overclocked settings.


Quake 3 and Comanche 4
OpenGL and Direct 3D Gaming Performance

Once again the Abit board manages to outdo the other two boards at default settings, but falls a bit short at the overclocked setting.  Keep in mind we used the same memory timings for each of the boards we tested. With a little more tweaking, we probably could have taken the NF7S a bit higher...

Here the Abit board leads at both settings, but more importantly we must realize that these are very respectable numbers and are some of the best yet we've seen for the Athlon.  Keep in mind that this great performance can be had a much lower price point than a comparable Pentium 4 system.  Let's see how things pan out with a leading edge gaming engine: Unreal Tournament 2003.

Unreal Tournament 2003 and The Ratings

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