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Abit's BE6 Motherboard - Slot1 Intel BX w/ ATA66 EIDE

Probably the most familiar name to the hard core Overclocker, Abit has been producing motherboards, that break the mold and set new standards, for many years now. I remember the first time I used an Abit board back in the early days of the Pentium. The SoftMenu setup feature made life so easy and we all could squeeze a few more MHz. out of that tired CPU. A lot has changed since then but one thing hasn't. Abit is still trying to differentiate its products in the marketplace and they have succeeded again with the BE6. The new BE6 Motherboard from Abit is a combination of mature Intel technology and new standards for hard disk interfaces. This board is the industry's first Slot 1 Motherboard with an on board ATA66 EIDE Hard Drive Controller. Abit of course threw in a few more goodies. We took a good look at this product for you.


Feature Set



  • Supports Intel Pentium® III 450~600MHz processor cartridge
  • Supports Intel Pentium® II 233~450MHz processor cartridge
  • Supports Intel Celeron® 266~433MHz processor cartridge


  • Chipse
  • Intel®440BX AGPset (82443BX and 82371EB)
  • Supports Advanced Configuration and Power Management Interface (ACPI)
  • Supports AGP 1X/2X (Sideband)3.3V device

  • Three 168-pin DIMM sockets support SDRAM module
  • Supports up to 768MB MAX. (8, 16, 32, 64, 128,256MB SDRAM)
  • Supports ECC

    System BIOS
  • CPU SOFT MENUTM II eliminates the need for jumpers or DIP switches needed to set CPU parameters
  • Award Plug and Play BIOS supports APM, DMI and ACPI
  • Write-Protect Anti-Virus function by AWARD BIOS
  • Year 2000 Compliant


  • Two channels of bus Master IDE Ports supporting up to four Ultra DMA 33/66 devices
  • Two channels of bus Master IDE Ports supporting up to four Ultra DMA 33 devices
  • PS/2 Keyboard and PS/2 Mouse connectors
  • One Floppy Port (up to 2.88MB)
  • One Parallet Port (EPP/ECP)
  • Two Serial Ports
  • Two USB Connectors
  • Built-in IrDA TX/RX header

  • ATX form factor
  • One AGP slot, Five PCI slots and Two ISA slots
  • Hardware monitoring - Includes fan speed, voltages, CPU and system environment temperature,and one thermal header for other temperature monitoring
  • Keyboard and Mouse Wake Up
  • Built-in Wake on LAN header
  • One thermal sensor cable Included


Installation and Use

We couldn't help think to ourselves, what else could we possibly want in a motherboard. Well, the answer to that question is, not much! The BE6 is packed with features. From the on board EIDE ATA66 controller from HighPoint Technologies. right down to the included thermister probe, this board almost has it all. Could there have been a few more FSB settings like 122, 126 or 129MHz.? Yes. We also would like to have seen the ATX Power Connector a little closer to the edge of the board near the Power Supply. But hey, we haven't found a perfect Motherboard yet! We'll keep looking but the BE6 sure tries hard!

Set up on the BE6 was a snap with one exception, playing around with IRQ resources for the ATA66 Controller was a bit of a guessing game. The board does thankfully let you designate what IRQ will be assigned to SOME of the PCI Slots. However, they are often paired up with other resources on the board like the AGP Slot or the ATA66 Controller. This issue was nothing more than a nuisance to us and we prevailed fairly easily on setting up a somewhat complex system with most all slots full.

So with that out of the way, we hit the power button of course! :-)


 Abit BE6 Benchmarks this way! -->

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