ABIT AA8 DuraMAX and ASUS P5AD2 Premium- New Alderwoods From The Big Dogs

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3DMark03 PCMark04 Performance


FutureMark's finest is up next, and we have some quick reference numbers with both 3DMark03 and PCMark04.

FutureMark 3DMark03 - Patch 340
Direct3D Gaming Performance


The graph tells it all here: the i925X boards from ABIT and ASUS are neck and neck and pull past the i875 system by roughly 4% to 5%.

FutureMark PCMark04
Quick-take synthetic metrics

From the folks at FutureMark, we have a bit of detail for you here on what the PCMark tests are composed of and how the rating metrics are assembled.

"The CPU test suite is a collection of tests that are run to isolate the performance of the CPU. There are nine tests in all. Two pairs of tests are run multithreaded - each test in the pair is run in its own thread.  The remaining five tests are run single threaded. These tests include such functions as file encryption, decryption, compression and decompression, grammar check, audio conversion, WMV and DivX video compression."


This is a virtual toss-up all around, with the edge going to the ABIT AA8 DuraMAX and ASUS P5AD2 boards.  These two i925X boards are so nip and tuck, that it's well within the this benchmark's margin of error.


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