4-Way SSD Round-Up Redux: OCZ, Corsair, PhotoFast

PhotoFast G-Monster-V5 256GB

When the PhotoFast G-Monster-V5 was first shown off at Computex a couple of month ago, the drive generated a bit of buzz due to its claimed 270MB/s read and write speeds. To approach speeds that high, Photofast uses a unique internal configuration, which is nothing like the other drives featured in this article.



256GB PhotoFast G-Monster-V5 SSD

The drive you see pictured above is a $999, 256GB PhotoFast G-Monster-V5. To an OS, the drive appears as a single volume, but internally the drive is comprised of a trio of components--two 128GB SSD modules and an adapter that "converts" the internal drive components in to a RAID 0 array. Each of the SSD modules is equipped with 128GB of Samsung MLC NAND flash memory, 64MB of Elpida DRAM cache memory (128MB total), and its own Indilinx controller.

Photfast G-Monster V5 256
Specifications and Features
Mfgr's part number V5 256GB
Capacity 256GB
Form Factor 2.5"
Dimensions Standard 2.5", 100.3(L) x 69.85(W) x 9.5(H)mm
Interface SATA-2 3.0Gbps
Weight 90g
Rated Performance 270MB/S read, 270MB/S write, 300MB/S host interface
Enclosure Metal
Operating Temp range 0 -70C

When connected to a SATA II port, Photofast claims the drive can read and write at a rate of 270MB/s. And like the other drives featured in this article, the G-Monster V5 sports a 2.5" form factor.

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