Microsoft Outs Stealthy Translucent Phantom Black Xbox One Wireless Controller

Sony unveiled a special edition PS4 to celebrate the sale of 500 million consoles since the PS4 launched. The cool part about that special edition PS4 is that it was housed in a translucent blue chassis that let you see a bit of what’s inside and came with a matching controller. Microsoft is now getting in on the special edition translucent bandwagon with a new wireless Xbox One controller of its own.

controller front

Rather than a swanky blue color, Microsoft is offering a black controller called the Xbox Wireless Controller Phantom Black Special Edition. The controller is translucent black that fades to a champagne gold color. The translucent chassis isn’t all the controller has that is special; it also features a textured grip and supports button remapping. Gamers who like to use voice chat services also get a 3.5mm headphone jack and the controller connects via Bluetooth.

controller back

Like all Xbox controllers, this Phantom Black Special Edition will connect to Windows 10 PCs and tablets for gaming along with the Xbox One X and Xbox One S, and Xbox One consoles. The controller will ship on September 11 and sells for $69.99. If you need a new Xbox console to go along with the fancy translucent Xbox controller, there is a smoking deal at GameStop right now.

controller R

GameStop is offering up an Xbox One X trade-in deal that sees the console sell for $200 if you trade in a PS4 Pro. If you want to trade in a normal PS4, Xbox One S, or Nintendo Switch you can get a $250 trade credit towards the Xbox One X. You will need to have all the accessories for the console trade-in and it has to be fully functional.