Smoking Xbox One X GameStop Deal Saves Up To $300 With Trade

If your game console is feeling a bit old and you have your eyes on a new Xbox One X, this might be the best time ever to take that old console hardware down to your local GameStop and trade it in. GameStop has a deal going right now that could see you walking away with an Xbox One X for a scant $200.

xbox one x

The Xbox One X normally retails for $499.99 and to get the maximum $300 discount you will need to trade in your PS4 Pro. That would be a hard deal to take for most gamers, as the PS4 Pro normally sells for $399.99. If you have serious buyer's remorse over the PS4 Pro this is the best way for you to get the bulk of your money back we've seen so far. You do have to trade the PS4 Pro in towards an Xbox One X to take advantage of that deal.

ps4 pro

If you have a PS4 Pro but can't bring yourself to trade the beast in, you can still save some big money on an Xbox One X if you trade in your normal PS4, Xbox One S, or Nintendo Switch. Any of those three consoles can get you up to $250 in store credit. That would net you an Xbox One X for $250. If you happen to have a PS4 Pro already, you may well have one of those other consoles sitting in a closet somewhere gathering dust making that trade deal seriously appealing.

As you would expect on any trade deal with GameStop there is fine print to consider. The trade is for store credit only; these prices aren’t good if you want cash. The consoles must be in full working order and you will need all the accessories. GameStop might take the console if it's not in working order, but the trade value will be diminished. The trade offer is open until August 28 giving you some time to dig your old console out of storage. Microsoft unveiled an Xbox One X PUBG bundle in July to lure in gamers who have been on the fence about the console.