Microsoft’s Disc-Less All-Digital Xbox One S Images, Pricing And Specs Leaked

The big news in the Xbox world over the last couple of months has been the pending arrival of the new disc-free Xbox One S game console. The game console is aimed at digitally downloaded games and game streaming. Microsoft's new disc-free console has been previously tipped to launch on May 7 globally. As the software giant gears up to launch its least expensive Xbox console ever, it is also gearing up to launch a new Game Pass Ultimate service, according to rumors, that would combine Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass for streaming games at a discounted price of $14.99 monthly.

xbox s disc free 3

Alleged hardware specifications and pricing details on the disc-free Xbox One S All Digital have leaked now as well. The console is tipped to ship with a 1TB HDD, a capacity that many gamers using the current Xbox One S have found to be insufficient for storing their game libraries. The front cover of the console has changed to eliminate the slot where the disc drive is on the old console. Other than the lack of an optical drive location, the old and new consoles look basically the same. Preinstalled games are said to include Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, and Forza Horizon 3; any additional games will be purchased via the Microsoft Store.

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European pricing rumors peg the launch price at €229.99, which would convert to a bit over $260 US. Prices between Europe and the U.S. don't always directly convert, so take the price with a grain of salt. For the price, buyers get a single wireless controller in white. Features are essentially the same as the current Xbox One S, meaning support for 4K video streaming with HDR support is still in the cards. The console is expected to get official on April 16 with a ship date globally expected to be May 7.