Microsoft’s Xbox One S All-Digital Edition Reportedly Set For May 7th Global Launch

Earlier this month, we first received word that Microsoft is working on a cheaper, disc-less version of the Xbox One S. Not only would this console allow Microsoft to hit a lower price point, making it a more attractive entry for gamers looking for a hot deal, but it also acknowledges the strength and appeal of digital-only game distribution.

Today, we’re hearing that the launch of the Xbox One S All-Digital is set for May 7th, which lines up with our previous reporting. According to Windows Central, this will be a simultaneous global launch, although the console is expected to be first unveiled in mid-April at Inside Xbox.

xbox one s digital2

The Xbox One S All-Digital is said to look much like the standard Xbox One S, albeit without the visible Blu-ray disc slot or eject button. Inside will be a 1TB hard drive for storing all of your digital games and content. Although the Blu-ray drive will be a no-show, Microsoft isn’t skimping on games that will come preloaded on the console. According to a retail box shot leak, the console will include codes to install Forza Horizon 3Minecraft and Sea of Thieves.

We doubt that many will miss the optical drive on the Xbox One S, as many of us are simply too lazy to swap discs when we have the urge to play a different game, and have been spoiled by the Netflix experience. Speaking of which, Microsoft itself has been pushing its digital subscription model with services like Xbox Game Pass that gives gamers access to over 100 titles that they can play at any time.

Xbox Game Pass, however, is likely to morph into something even greater with Project xCloud. This service will allow you to stream games across all kinds of devices including your Xbox consoles, PCs, tablets and even smartphones.