Microsoft Rumored To Combine Xbox Game Pass And Xbox Live Gold At A Discount

Microsoft has long had its Xbox Live service that you must have to play Xbox game online In 2017, it launched another service called Xbox Game Pass that gave gamers access to a slew of streaming game titles for one price, including some brand new games. A new rumor is going around that claims Microsoft is set to combine Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass at one cheaper rate for gamers.

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The rumor comes from WalkingCat via Twitter, who has a track record of being correct on these things. The leaker claims that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be the name of the new service and that it will cost $14.99 per month. If you bought those services separately, they would set you back $19.98 per month combined.

Combining the two services makes a lot of sense considering you must have Xbox Live to enjoy many of the games you can play on Xbox Game Pass. The move also makes sense considering the new Xbox One S disc-less console for streaming-only is expected to launch on May 7. The console sans disc drive is expected to be the cheapest Xbox One Microsoft has offered so far.

There is no indication of what a yearly subscription for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate would cost; presumably, it would be somewhat cheaper than paying a full year at the month-to-month rates. WalkingCat claims that the service will be offered early for Insiders at $1 per month until it launches.