Xbox Chief Proclaims Microsoft Will Be 'As Big At E3 As We’ve Ever Been'

Each year when E3 rolls around, we are never sure exactly what will be at the show. Companies come and go from the gaming event as it has shrunk over the years from its heyday where virtually every major gaming company used to participate. At E3 2019 we already know that Sony and the PlayStation crew won't be attending the show. Without the pressure of having to compete with Sony, many wondered if that meant that Microsoft and the Xbox group would skip the show as well. Well, Microsoft Executive VP Of Gaming, Phil Spencer has stepped up and made Microsoft's presence and participation at E3 2019 this year very clear.

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Spencer has stated in an interview with Larry Hyrb, that the Xbox presence at E3 2019 will be "as big as we've ever been." Spencer did note that when Sony announced it would not be participating in E3 2019, that the talk at Microsoft was if it should save money and not attend. Spencer says that in the end, Redmond decided to "do our thing" and he noted, "I love that opportunity to be with our fans and the industry."

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He did note that fans can expect a "wrinkle" in the E3 presence for Microsoft with "how and who" the team will get on stage. Microsoft is also working on a balance of focusing on the present versus the future at the show. There have been a lot of rumors on next-generation consoles, and many are wondering if Microsoft will talk about a future generation Xbox at the show or not. Rumors have suggested that next generation Xbox and PS5 consoles will have as much as 12GB of RAM on board. However, it's not clear at this point if a next-gen console will be a topic of discussion for Microsoft at the show.

In related news, the Xbox One has now crossed a significant milestone in its sales history, having sold over 41 million consoles according to analyst Daniel Ahmad. That sounds like a fantastic sales number for the console, but while that sounds like a lot, when considering that the PS4 has moved 91 million units as of December 2018, according to analysts, Microsoft's Xbox numbers aren't so impressive.