Windows Mobile 6.0 Released

Microsoft released Windows Mobile 6.0 for all your PDA needs. But it's competition isn't really other PDA operating systems. It's the smartphone market it's got to fight for market share with. Ars Technica has the rundown:

Windows Mobile 6 has a decidedly Vista-like look and feel, but some of the largest upgrades have been under the hood. However, Microsoft says that the OS will not require significantly more RAM and CPU power than the previous version. Version 6 comes with features designed to improve integration with Office 2007 and Outlook 2007. It also comes with Office Communicator, a mobile version of Microsoft's enterprise-level instant messaging program. Other goodies include VoIP and Windows Live integration.

Your dumbphone is smart now. Your smartphone's a PDA now. Your PDA's a little desktop now. Your boss is on all of them right now, wondering what you're doing. Find out if you want to do it in Windows Mobile 6.0 here.