You Can Now Download And Run Windows 95 v2.0 With Integrated Doom And Wolfenstein

windows 95
We have a special treat for you today, folks. Back in August, we brought you news about a Windows 95 "app" that was developed by Felix Rieseberg using Electron. The Windows 95 port was mostly a faithful recreation of the original groundbreaking PC operating system complete with playable classics like Minesweeper and Solitaire.

Rieseberg is now back with Windows 95 version 2.0. Whereas the first release was pretty barebones, v2.0 ups the stakes with period-correct applications like Frontpage and the Netscape Navigator 2.01 web browser. For those that want to get your fix with some nostalgic gaming, you'll find Doom, Wolfenstein 3D, A10 Tank Killer and Grand Prix Circuit preinstalled.

windows 95 2

Other updates with Windows 95 v2.0 include a completely updated disk image, 500MB of virtual disk space for you to play around with, support for high DPI devices and support for sound (something that was missing with the original release).

As before, Windows 95 v2.0 was built using Electron, which is a cross-platform framework that lets you build apps using JavaScript, CSS and HTML. 


We loaded up Windows 95 v2.0 within macOS 10.14.3 Mojave and had a pretty enjoyable experience. The first thing I did was fire up Netscape Navigator (a favorite of mine in the 90s), but was only greeted with an error message saying that my network connection was not yet setup (bummer). Navigating through the operating system was as simple and familiar as with Rieseberg's initial release, if a bit laggy on my [more than adequate] rig.

I next attempted to try out Wolfenstein 3D, which I could not get to load for some reason, along with A10 Tank Killer and Doom, which both worked perfectly. Needless to say, this release could turn into a serious time waster for anyone looking to take a trip down [PC] memory lane, so you’ve been warned.

You can download Windows 95 v2.0 for Windows, macOS and Linux right here via GitHub.