Microsoft Is Giving Away These Hilariously Ugly Windows 95 Sweaters To Lucky Fans

Microsoft is giving away a very special quasi-holiday ugly sweater to a handful of lucky fans on Twitter. The sweater has a sweet retro Windows 95 theme. Although wearing this sweater may not make you cool (or it might if your inner geek is inspired), its constant freezing is could keep you nice and chill, actually.

Microsoft Windows 95 Sweater

Unfortunately, if you want one of these sweaters, the only real hope you may have of getting one may be to make it yourself. Apparently, Microsoft made just 100 of these sweaters, many of which have reportedly already been given away. Microsoft doesn't appear to have any plans to sell these sweaters either, and there isn't any way to enter to win one. The lucky few that will get one of these sweaters have been handpicked from Microsoft's Twitter followers. So if you're an @Microsoft Twitter follower, you may be already in.
The giveaway has prompted many on Twitter to try and argue their worthiness on the Twitter feed in the hopes of being selected to receive one of the sweaters, while many others have joined in the talk with a good sense of Windows based humor. Microsoft is also joining in the fun by proclaiming its sweater as "softwear."
Although it's nice of Microsoft to reward its loyal followers, we can't help but feel that this is the wrong way to do it. Many of the people that have commented on the Twitter feed indicate that they would love to have one of these sweaters, and to be honest I can't help but to really want one too. But as there isn't any way to get one, it's almost like Microsoft is saying "look at this awesome sweater you can't have."

Hopefully Microsoft will opt to produce more of these sweaters and either give more of them away or make them available to the general public via it's online store. For now, if you are dying to get one of these sweaters, it's probably best to start learning how to knit. Either that, or tweet our something with the hashtag #WindowsUglySweater and maybe you'll hit the ugly sweater lottery. 

Via:  Twitter
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