Weekend Fun w/ Battlefield 2 - Screens and Benchmark

Evening all, Dave checking in here with ya for a little late-night eye candy and benchmark reference update. 

I've been spending sometime in "the lab" playing around with the new Battlefield 2 demo and it's safe to say the game looks dialed.  The game engine graphics are stunning and the game-play difficult but fun.  Here are some screenies to whet your appetite if you haven't downloaded the demo and I've tossed in a FRAPS FPS counter log so you can see how things run on a high-end P4 rig with an ATi X850 XT PCIe card.


The engine is a bit taxing with this game turned up to 6X AA and top end Aniso Filtering.  Regardless, frame rates were definitely very playable since this game has a very different feel to it, versus a real fast action shooter like Doom 3 etc.  At any rate, enjoy and have a good night!