VIA's K8M800, IBM's ThinkPad X40, Intel vs ATI IGP, MiniDV and More!

Hey there gang, welcome back!  Man, it has just been one of those stretches where nothing seems to be going right for me.  The last few weeks I've been dealing with an ailing pet, who is looking much better thankfully.  Now my neck has decided to give me a lesson in pain, to the point that I am looking at the world with a bit of a tilt.  I sure hope this goes away soon.  I kind of feel like Ed Sullivan right now.  So I guess I will be popping the Doan's Back Pills and hope for some relief.  While this did stop me in my tracks yesterday, it isn't stopping me from getting the news out to you!  Here's your latest dose for today...

Steelpad's Steel Grip @

"Today we take a look at yet another product from Steelpad to help gamers achieve the best gaming experience, with their Steelpad Steel Grip. These special foam pieces that you stick to your mouse will improve your grip and reduce hand sweat."

DFI K8M800-MLV Review @

"VIA's K8M800 integrated graphics Athlon 64 chipset has been out for a few months, but you probably haven't seen many reviews. We of course had been trying to get our hands on a review sample for some time as this is the first integrated video Athlon 64 chipset. We have only seen boards from DFI, Gigabyte, and MSI based on the chipset all priced in the $70 range. Luckily DFI has agreed to provide us with their K8M800-MLV board for review purposes. Before we get into the review please take a look at the specifications for the board."

IBM ThinkPad X40 Review @ The Tech Zone:

"The X40 ships with IBM Rescue and Recovery software with Rapid Restore, a completely new set of tools contained in an embedded, pre-boot emergency system. They provide one-button relief from a broad range of common PC problems, including viruses, missing system files, and corrupted software drivers. By incorporating the latest ThinkVantage Technologies with the light system design, the ThinkPad X40 is ideal for the global mobile user, road warriors and business travelers. Because many of IBM's new recovery tools exist outside the PC's main operating system, business travelers who are away from office technical support have new options for solving PC problems, regardless of whether Windows will start."

Intel IGP Chipset Overview: ATI 9100 Pro IGP vs. Intel GMA 900 @

"That's right, it's an integrated graphics review! We're looking at the GMA 900 graphics supported by Intel's latest 915G chipset, and comparing it to ATI's 9100 Pro IGP. Intel touts their solution as being the only DirectX 9 compatible integrated solution, but you're going to find that in some cases, it doesn't really matter..."

We have a double-shot from the X-bit Labs:

-A-DATA i-Drive USB 2.0 Disk + PC Camera Review:

"A very interesting solution combining the features of a storage drive and a digital camera has just left our testlab. On the road a compact and easy to use solution like that may be irreplaceable. Read more about the highs a lows of it in our detailed article!"

-ASUS SCB-2408-D Combo Drive Review:

"We would like to introduce a new combo-drive from ASUS: SCB-2408-D. It is a small, low-weight solution, supporting two interfaces, ability to work with DVD media of the two competing formats, and being very efficient at processing C2 errors. Curious to find out more? Read our review!"

Samsung SCD103 MiniDV Digital Video Camcorder Review @

"Ok, I have to admit, this has been my first full camcorder experience other than a couple short video projects in college and university and thanks to the SCD103, it was a very smooth full introduction. You see, I walked in just like you would and I have had nothing but a positive experience with this affordable, feature packed and easy to use MiniDV camcorder."

That's it for now.  I'll see you back here in the morning!

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