USB Fans and Some nForce3 Overclocking

Good afternoon HotHardware fans!  The purpose of this post is two-fold - First off, I wanted to make sure I was comfortable working in our spiffy new editor, and secondly, I wanted to post a few more links to some noteworthy items.  The news has been slowly trickeling in for the last few hours, so there isn't much to cover, but it'll be enough to keep you busy for a little while...

 Thermaltake MobileFan 2 & 2 @

"Heat, seems that everything is getting hotter in the computer world. Even your hands? Thermaltake seems to think so. Thus brings us to the Mobile fan 2 & 2 , USB powered adjustable fans."


 nForce3 250 Chipset Overclocking article @

"There is no doubt in our minds that the AMD Athlon 64 will take a great leap forward in overclocking circles with the launch of the nForce3 250 chipset.  At last, now that the PCI bus can be controlled, the full potential of the processor can be achieved."


 Coolermaster Hyper6 KHC-V81-U1 Copper K8/P4 Heatsink @ FrostyTech:

"Fresh from the chrome plated Jet4 wonder, Coolermaster are back with the brand new 6-heatpipe packing Hyper6 KHC-V81-U1 Intel Pentium4 and AMD Athlon64 heatsink! Copper is the name of this game, and the Hyper6 certainly uses plenty of it. Mounted to the forged copper base are no less than six individual copper heatpipes which rise up through the center of 27 stacked copper fins to a height of just over 120mm. Levitating 40mm above the base is a 80x80x25mm fan, and its speed control dial can be hooked up to an aluminum 3.5" bay cover for quick fan adjustments. As an added benefit, the raised height of the fan helps ensure the Coolermaster Hyper6 clears any nearby capacitors on either a Socket 754/940 or Socket 478 motherboard - since it is compatible with both processors. With the fan speed controls at hand, users can dial in just how loud or quiet they would like to run the heatsink, but of course for best performance, the speed needs to be cran! ked all the up."

That's just about going to do it for now.  If you haven't already done so, don't leave without poking around the new site, and be certain to voice your opinion in the poll (at the upper-right) and in our forum!  Thanks!