TR's CPU Decoder Ring, SliverStone LC11 HTPC Case, Saprano Case and More!

Hey gang, happy Friday to ya!  I'm still trying to shake a nasty bug and the NyQuil fog from last night.  So let me wish you a great weekend and start you off with the morning news.  Thanks for stopping bye!

A.C.Ryan RyanPower2 450w Modular PSU @ Viper Lair:

"Overall, the AC Ryan 450w modular power supply is an excellent unit. The only negative thing that I found about it is that there were not enough mini 4-pin connections for my setup. Aside from that, the voltage levels all stayed at proper levels, the modular cable system makes my case look a whole lot cleaner, and actually makes installation easier since I don't have to hunt around for my cables."

TR's CPU decoder ring updated @ The Tech Report:

"We've just put the finishing touches on an update to our CPU Decoder Ring, the magical tool that will help explain the difference between an Athlon 64 3200 and... the three other varieties of the same processor. Among the changes are the addition of the newest CPUs (including the Opteron x52 and Pentium 4 6xx series) as well as some older chips that didn't make it into the last update. Additionally, columns have been added to show support for both the NX bit and 64-bit capability. A quick query reveals that 240 processors are currently represented on the chart."

SilverStone LC11 Home Theater PC Case @ Bjorn3D:

"Acrylic windows, neon and strobe lights, Day-Glo colors, and vaguely alien shapes may be appealing for desktop PC cases, but you probably don't want a large, showy case as part of your home theater setup, especially if you share your home with a significant other who has significantly more style than you. Additionally, home theater PC's need to be quiet. Fan and disk noise are easy to overlook if you're blasting MP3's while blasting Ant Lions, but white noise isn't welcome when you're watching a movie, especially if it's a quiet passage involving romance (I'm thinking of your significant other again). Purpose-built home theater PC cases are becoming more readily available, and today I look at SilverStone Technology's LC11 from their LaScala line of home theater PC enclosures."

Thermaltake Soprano ATX Case Review @

"For those looking for a case to pay tribute to their favorite HBO show... "fuhget about it"! But... The Thermaltake Soprano is easily at the top of its class for looks. I would certainly not have any problem having this case sit in the family room, office, or professional studio. It also gets high marks for its performance."

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