T-Mobile, Orange, O2 Score iPhone European Deals

Contracts with the carriers and Apple were signed in the last few days.  Of particular interest, however, is that the contract requires the carriers to give Apple 10% of iPhone revenues derived from phone and data calls.  This is something the carriers have strongly resisted in the past, and shows just how much they wanted the latest must-have Apple gadget.

The contracts with T-Mobile of Germany, Orange of France and O{2 }in the UK were signed in recent days, according to these sources. T-Mobile, Orange and O2 declined to comment.

"These are not negotiations among equals. Apple clearly had the upper hand," one industry expert told FT Deutschland.

The deals mark a shift in the balance of power between mobile phone makers and network operators.

The operators have previously resisted efforts by handset manufacturers to secure revenues derived from mobile usage.

AT&T had also agreed to revenue sharing in the United States.  The iPhone's European launch is autumn in the UK, France and Germany, with the remainder of Europe launching next year along with Asia.