These Google Pixel 7a Images Will Have You Feeling Blue, In A Good Way

hero Pixel 6a
The upcoming Pixel 7a is showing its true colors. Exclusive images seem to show that there will be three color options available budget phone. All we can say is: bring back the Kinda Coral Pixel!

google pixel 7a colorways
(Source: OnLeaks via MyMarketPrice)

Mere months away from release, almost every aspect of the Google Pixel 7a has been pretty much leaked. The latest to hit the interweb is supposedly final product images showing off the design and colorways. In a post by MySmartPrice (collaborating with tipster OnLeaks), we are shown three color variants - white/ivory, gray/black, and blue. Of course, these are just arbitrary names; Google usually has its own creative naming convention for its phones.

The design, as we previously reported, is largely a carbon copy of the Pixel 6a, which is not a bad thing. Mountain View is maintaining the signature look and feel of the Pixel series, albeit with the obligatory nips and tucks. Corners are slightly more rounded, with most of the changes happening under the hood where it counts. The photos also show a similarly sized display bezel and the unique camera visor strip. Up for debate is whether the flagship Pixel 7's metal visor strip will trickle down to the 7a this time or will the 7a's have a plastic piece with metallic coating.

google pixel 7a press1
(Source: OnLeaks via MyMarketPlace)

There's a lot of excitement about what this A-series phone will bring to the table. The 7a is expected to be powered by second generation Tensor SoC with 8GB RAM plus up to 256GB storage, offers 5W wireless charging for the first time, and have a 6.1" 90Hz OLED display (according to this rumor, anyway). More uncertain is the camera package—some rumors say that the 7a retains the 12MP main camera from its older sibling, whereas others say that it could have a 64MP sensor. At the rate that details are being leaked on this phone, we'll find out the complete specs soon enough.

The Pixel 7a is expected to launch in May during Google I/O 2023.