Google Pixel 7a Exposed From Every Angle In Barrage Of Leaked Hands-On Photos

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Hot off some leaked specifications of the Google Pixel 7a, more photos of the summer-bound device leaves little left to the imagination.

Vietnam is apparently the place to be if you want to get your hands on the unreleased Google Pixel 7a—one unit exposed the 90Hz refresh rate toggle under display settings, while the latest one on Zing News (plus an apparent English model on Phone Compares) giving us a very complete view of the phone itself.

pixel 7a zing bootloader

This 7a from the Zing News leak packs a Tensor G2, 8GB LPDDR5 RAM by Samsung, and 128GB storage by Micron. The distinctive camera strip differs from the Pixel 7-series in that it is now matte black, rather than glossy black (7) or aluminum (7 Pro). According to the report, Google looks to be carrying over the rear camera system from the previous gen (a 12MP primary and 12MP ultrawide). Only a full review will tell if the company pulls off another winner with this hardware combined with improved imaging smarts. The Pixel 6a was one of our favorite camera phones of 2022, as long as you don't rely on heavy zoom.

pixel7a zing1

The 7a has 6.1" OLED display with bezels that are a little on the thick side for 2023. Otherwise, the overall physical dimensions look to stay on the palmable side, albeit a little tall for true one-handed reach. Also, it would be a shame if the geometric patterns on the back cover don't make it to production, because they give the otherwise bland (and fingerprint magnet) cover some visual weight and interest.

pixel7a zing3

The leak from Phone Compares confirms the design language and specifications. This leak adds a model number, GHL1X, and found the 128GB of flash storage is sourced from SK hynix, rather than Micron. It is not uncommon for OEMs to source components from multiple manufacturers.

pixel 7a leak phone compares
Source: Phone Compares

How Pixel phones are being seen in the wild months before launch, particularly in Vietnam, goes back to even the Pixel 4a/4a XL. Some happen to be early production models sold by local sources, and some are developer phones that end up "accidentally" leaked online.

The Pixel 7a is slated for a summer release. If previous A-series phones are anything to go by, the 7a will sell like hot cakes. 

All images courtesy of: Zing News (unless otherwise noted)