Thermaltake TrueLight Memory, Ultra X-Connect 500W, Enermax 470W PSU and More

Good afternoon friends, welcome back to HotHardware.  With my ISP having some "technical issues," I have been stuck on dial-up access for the past two days.  I tell you, there is nothing like going from a 5MB connection to the lighting quick speed of 56K ;)  Here is your news...

 Thermaltake TrueLight Memory Heat Spreader @ A True Review

"Our computers have become one big show and tell. With the advent of acrylic cases and case windows, visually what is on the inside has become just as important as what is on the outside. Moreover, what is on the inside does not sit there in hopes that we look; it reaches out and grabs our attention. How you ask? By lighting up, of course. Our case fans light up; the CPU cooler lights up; hell, even our cables (EL) light up. Now, your memory can light up as well with the Thermaltake TrueLight Memory Heat Spreader."

 Ultra X-Connect 500 Watt Modular Power Supply @ Bjorn3D

"Ever since I first saw modular power supplies at several modding supply stores on the WWW, I was hooked and had to have one. After several failed attempts to get one for review, I just decided it was a luxury I didn't need. Then, several months ago I noticed that several companies, namely Ultra and Antec, were going to release a mass produced modular PSU. This obviously wouldn't be the first time that a company 'borrowed' an idea started by modders, but it's one that I strongly welcome. I love the clean looks and flexibility offered by modular PSUs. As a matter of fact, I hope that most PSUs go this route in the near future. It just makes too much sense not to."

 Enermax Noisetaker v2.0 470W Power Supply Review @ 3DX

"This is what we as enthusiasts and gamers want from our hardware and Enermax is there to deliver again. We would most definitely recommend this power supply for any application."

 Logisys Streamline Illuminated Keyboard @ Phoronix

"A while back, we examined the Logisys Xenix keyboard, which was a very visually appealing keyboard, especially with its illuminated keys. However, the keyboard possessed a few flaws. Logisys has redesigned the keyboard and released the Silver Streamline Illuminated Keyboard."
 Mushkin Hi Perf LII V2 1GB PC3200 @ Systemcooling

"These are good times to be a computer enthusiast, especially when it comes to the memory front. It seems like weekly we are seeing announcements from memory companies introducing the newest, fastest, coolest looking new sticks. Where once there were only one or two companies providing RAM that enthusiasts would seriously consider, today it seems like the market is flooded with good RAM. This is good for all of us because the competition keeps everyone fairly honest in price, and the days of trying stick after stick to get a great overclocker are pretty much over. One company that has been providing hardcore users good RAM for a long time is Mushkin. And today they have sent along some of their latest players in the low latency arena, the Hi Perf LII V2 PC3200. Let's see if they can deliver the goods."

 GALAXY GeForce 6600 256MB @

"I like NVIDIA's NV43 and I like GALAXY's GeForce 6600 card. What NVIDIA has done is harness current top-end technology into a GPU and card that, depending upon manufacturer and RAM arrangement, will cost between £90-£120. GALAXY's card comes in at the upper end of that scale, thanks to a healthy 256MB of onboard RAM. Looking at our benchmark numbers that include a few older titles, it's apparent that NV43 performance makes looking at previous generation's midrange cards, and I'm thinking of Radeon 9600s and GeForce 5700/5900 XTs, almost pointless. What's more, GALAXY's PCI-Express 6600 card doesn't require auxillary power and the GPU's fan is pretty damn quiet, although a few sacrifices have to be made for the cheaper NV43 part, as there's no SLI capability and a distinct lack of memory bandwidth from the 128-bit interface."

 Sapphire X700pro, Mainstream PCI-E Gaming Card @ GotApex

"The Sapphire bundle is usually pretty good and it has continued to be great with a couple games that aren't latest #1's, but will provide some entertainment. Now, there are some area's where I'd like to see Sapphire improve, such as adding a newer game into the bundle, but that would also increase the price. I might say that they shouldn't include anything at all and just take a bit of cash off the card, but adding some value is what they are there for. Otherwise the card worked as advertised, installed nicely and worked perfectly. Overclocking worked well and a user could probably pump some more out of the GPU."

 Logitech MX1000 Laser Cordless Mouse Review @ 3DX

"During the course of the review we gamed, we photo retouched, we did everything possible to try and find fault with this unit. In the end we found that the MX1000 is now the best mouse I've ever used. The MX1000 is very response, accurate and is ultra smooth. Logitech took the MX700 - improved upon it's strengths and addressed its flaws creating what could arguably considered the best mouse in the world."

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