Startup Boston-Power to ship novel notebook batteries by June

With all of the recent Sony battery problems, this just might be a step in the right direction. Battery technology is slow to advance, Lithium Ion having only quadrupled since its introduction 15 years ago. The new battery seems to have the support of many OEMs and Texas Instruments is already producing and delivering charge circuits for it.

Boston-Power came out of stealth mode today (Nov. 6) to say it has garnered $8 million in first-round venture financing. The startup plans to deliver a novel lithium ion battery for notebook computers in the first half of 2007. Boston-Power is considered one of the more promising members of a handful of battery startups by some OEM battery specialists. The company's batteries are based on a modified chemistry and a "systems-level" design geared to provide laptops longer battery life and greater safety, said chief executive and founder Christina Lampe-Onnerud.

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