Star Wars Battlefront II Revealed! Preorder Now Jedi, Landing In November

star wars battlefront 3
Although a teaser trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront II leaked a few days ago, Electronic Arts is today providing us with the real deal on the sequel to the original game, which launched two years ago. While Star Wars: Battlefront was multiplayer-only (and was roundly criticized because of that oversight), Battlefront II actually has a full single-player campaign for those that want it.

In fact, the debut trailer for the game focuses primarily on the single-player mode, which introduces an all-new character: Iden Versio. As the official website for the Battlefront II explains, Iden is a “commander of Inferno Squad—an Imperial special forces unit equally lethal on the ground and in space. Encounter many of Star Wars’ greatest characters in a story of revenge, betrayal, and redemption that spans 30 years.”

In the trailer, we see her on the planet Endor’s surface vowing revenge against Rebel scum after witnessing the Death Star being blown to bits (i.e., the events from “Return of the Jedi”). This of course gives gamers a different perspective to approach gameplay than the usual “good guy” role assumed by the Rebel Alliance. However, you will have the chance to play both sides of the universe throughout the single-player campaign (you’ll be able to take on the role of other characters including Kylo Ren and Luke Skywalker).

In addition to the new single-player mode, Battlefront II gameplay extends the battle between Tie-Fighters and X-Wings to their most natural arena: in space. This is true for both the single- and multi-player campaigns, where up to 24 players can duke it out. It should also be noted that multiplayer gameplay will be spread out amongst all of the Star Wars properties including the “Clone Wars”, the awful prequel trilogy, original trilogy and the new trilogy (the latest of which being “The Last Jedi”).

Star Wars: Battlefront II will launch November 17th for all major platforms, including the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Sorry, Nintendo Switch owners.