Here's Where To Get Sony PlayStation Classic Edition Deals For Just $75

Christmas is only a bit more than a week away and if you have procrastinated and still have gifts to buy, check out this deal. You can get Sony's brand new PlayStation Classic console fromfor $75 at several retailers and have it by Christmas if you hurry. At Best Buy you can get the PlayStation Classic for $99.99, and the price includes a free $25 e-gift card making the purchase $74.99. That might not be as good as a straight and simple discount, but the $25 gift card could get the other gifts needed to wrap up shopping for good.


If you don't want to bother with an e-gift card, Target has the PlayStation Classic Console for $74.99 via a straight discount; no need to pay more and get a gift card on the backend. The good news with Target is that you can have the console shipped directly to your door with free 2-day shipping or pick it up at a local store that has the console in stock. And if you have a Red Card, you can get an additional 5% off that price.

The third option is to get the PlayStation Classic at Amazon where it is on sale for the same $74.99 price and is available with free Prime shipping. All of these offers should get to your door in the next few days if you order soon. Sony has done an excellent job keeping stock up, so shortages aren't expected.

Sony packed some cool retro games into the PlayStation Classic console with 20 classic onboard games. A teardown of the retro console found that it has 16GB of internal storage and a quad-core ARM processor. It was also discovered earlier this month that if you have the right USB keyboard, the console has a secret emulation menu. Hackers have also found a way to crack the console to run games from a USB drive.