PlayStation Classic Has a Secret Emulation Menu If You Have The Correct Keyboard

The PlayStation Classic is the latest retro console to hit the market and is expected to sell very well this holiday season. We thought we knew everything about the little retro console with Sony detailing the full game list for the device in late October. Late last month the console was torn down and inside is 16GB of storage and a quad-core ARM processor. Players have continued to fiddle with the PlayStation Classic and have discovered a hidden menu in the console's software.

pc classic

The menu outlines several hidden emulation options that you can only see if you connect the right USB keyboard to the console. Not just any old USB keyboard will work according to reports, you need to connect a high-end Corsair or Logitech offering. Keyboards like the Corsair K70 and K95 can access the menu according to reports.

One the right keyboard is connected, a tap of the escape key brings up a "PCSX menu." Within that menu are some emulation settings for the off-the-shelf open source emulator that the PS Classic uses to run the games. Options seen in the hidden menu include additional RAM-based save states for each game, simulated CRT scanlines, modifiable "frameskip" settings, fps display, and the ability to select the emulation region. The latter setting forces 50fps PAL games to run at the 60 fps NTSC standard.

With this menu being discovered you can bet that hackers are frothing to get into the console and see if they can take full control of the hardware inside the machine. It's unclear why only certain keyboards can access this hidden menu. In addition, the following games were also found in the PlayStation Classic's source code:

We don't know what Sony's criteria was for including games on the PlayStation Classic, but many of the above titles are far better than what was bestowed upon us in its current shipping version.