Bethesda Celebrates 100 Days Of Fallout 76 With 2019 Roadmap Update

Fallout 76 is trying to change into the game that most fans of the franchise wanted, and to do that Bethesda is telling gamers what they can expect for at least the first part of the year. Bethesda notes that it has now been 100 days since Fallout 76 launched, and to celebrate that milestone it has offered up a roadmap for 2019. Bethesda also says thanks to the gamers who have stuck with it while it works with players to "figure this online experience out together."

wild appal

Bethesda notes that it has fixed many of the top issues that players had with the game, and made a bunch of improvements, including some upgrades under the hood that aren't visible. Server stability has increased by a claimed 300% since the game launched. The publisher admits that the game had a "difficult launch" and noted that "we've made mistakes along the way." Those mistakes have made the game unplayable for some and led to it embarrassingly being given away as an enticement for cheap products, like PS4 thumbsticks. Despite the issues, Bethesda says the average gamer plays four hours per day.

fallout roadmap 19

Starting March 12 and appearing over the following several weeks, Bethesda will push out the Wild Appalachia update that will bring new quests, including Shear Terror and Ever Upwards. Also included are new features such as a Legendary Vendor and Scrapping. Players will be able to use items from their stash to decorate their C.A.M.P. and use a camera.

Brewing and distilling will arrive so players can make Nukashine, and a new seasonal event called Fasnacht Parade is coming. This update will also bring the survival mode with it. When summer 2019 rolls around, Bethesda has another update coming that is called Nuclear Winter promising a new way to play Fallout 76, and a change to the rules of the Wasteland. New Vault raids on Vault 96 and 94 launch aimed at high-level players. A new prestige system will let players above level 50 become Legendary. In the Fall of 2019, Bethesda will launch Wastelanders, which promises to be the biggest and most ambitious update for the game so far.