SiS Supports AMD Digital Media Vision With Advanced Chipsets For AMD LIVE!

SiS Supports AMD Digital Media Vision With Advanced Chipsets For "AMD LIVE!™" Consumer Brand

February 14th, 2006 – Taipei – Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) announced today the development of SiS chipsets in cooperation with AMD to support AMD LIVE!™ branded, full-featured consumer multimedia desktop and notebook PCs expected to be delivered in mid-2006. The chipsets will provide support for AMD LIVE!, helping deliver new home entertainment experiences to consumers for their digital lifestyle.

The AMD LIVE! brand now extends to consumers and should help improve digital media PC performance and functionality, as well as changing the way digital entertainment integrates with consumers' daily lives. AMD LIVE! is designed for innovative, complementary, industry-friendly solutions that enhance the consumer electronics and broadcast devices already in the market and used by consumers today. AMD LIVE! enables users to seamlessly connect, store, distribute, access and enjoy digital media content in multiple rooms throughout their home and even take it with them to enjoy on the go virtually anytime, anywhere. SiS and AMD have worked together for many years in chipset development with a common vision for multimedia solutions for digital home entertainment. AMD LIVE! experiences will be powered by award-winning AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 dual-core processors for desktop PCs, as well as AMD dual-core mobile processors for notebook PCs. The SiS chipsets for desktops and notebooks are designed to provide full compatibility and support for AMD LIVE! in dual-core desktops and notebook systems. All SiS chipsets for AMD LIVE! will provide support for high-end graphics by supporting the PCI Express x16 interface. For 3D applications with high memory bandwidth requirements, SiS chipsets provide outstanding design technology for enhanced multimedia performance.

"This successful cooperation with AMD proves once again SiS' strong commitment to quality in chipset development," SiS president Daniel Chen said, "The combination of the AMD LIVE! branded systems and high-quality SiS chipsets are expected to revolutionize the digital entertainment market for desktop and notebook PCs. This innovative vision has received SiS's full commitment and assistance, and together with AMD, the company aims to play a central role in the development of the new digital media revolution."

"AMD LIVE! puts consumers and their needs at the heart of the digital media revolution," said Iain Morris, senior vice president, Digital Consumer Media and Pervasive Computing, AMD. "With the comprehensive range of products offered by SiS, developers have a choice when looking to build systems to support AMD's vision for digital media and the experiences AMD LIVE! can enable for consumers."

In cooperating with AMD, SiS has formally entered a new field of digital home entertainment. Together the two companies are working to develop and expand the borders of digital media, broadening the horizons of multimedia entertainment and creating new visions for the next generation of digital entertainment.