SilverStone Gemini, Socket 939 Buyer's Guide and More

Good evening everyone, welcome back to HotHardware.  With the weekend winding down and a small slush storm inhabiting the outer limits of my house, I think it is time that we cuddle up with our favourite caffeinated beverage and delve into the world of tech news.

Here is your Nightcap...

 SilverStone Gemini ST46GF Redundant Power Supply @ SystemCooling

" has reviewed a lot of power supplies over the past two years but none that provided hardware redundancy and hot-swap capabilities. The new SilverStone Gemini series ST46GF is actually two power supplies in one. Each power supply module is capable of delivering 460 watts continuous power. During normal operation the two modules share the load but if either one should fail, the other module will automatically carry the full load."

 Socket 939 Buyer's Guide @ XYZ Computing

"If you are looking into building a new system for yourself socket 939 a great choice. It offers serious performance advantages over last generation's socket A and 478 while being more affordable than most 775 setups. If you are upgrading the 939 platform even allows you to use your old memory, instead of having to buy DDR2. You will need a processor, motherboard, and PCI Express video card to make the move to 939. It is also worth investing in a a new power supply and an aftermarket CPU cooler, but you technically do not have to. In this guide we are going to put together three systems, each at a different price level. These are not systems we have built up so there will be no testing or anything like that, but it will give readers a good idea of current prices and some new products. "

 Dell Inspiron 6000 Centrino Notebook @ HardwareZone

"It's no secret that multimedia needs has greatly influenced the design direction of notebooks of late. Dell's new Inspiron 6000 offers a 15.4-inch widescreen display, digital audio, dedicated multimedia controls and a capable VPU to satisfy your craving for DVDs and games."

 SunbeamTech Silent Anodized Fan & LED Screws Review @ Madshrimps

"Something different for the modders from SunbeamTech, save yourself the time to spray paint your case fans; the anodized finish in 5 popular colors will give your modded case longer lasting luster look combined with LED effect. If that is not enough, they have additional LED screws to light up your case further."

 Thermalright XP-90C P4/K8 Heatsink @ Systemcooling

"When Thermalright released their XP-120 heatsink, they almost redefined a cooling medium that many thought was reaching its limits. When the more compact XP-90 came out, I was surprised and pleased to find that it not only performed just as well as the monster 120, but had much better compatibility. For that reason, the XP-90 was the no-brainer choice for heatsink of the year, as far as we were concerned. Today, we're going to take a look at a heatsink that just might wrestle that crown away from the XP-90. Never one to sit on their own accomplishments, the folks at Thermalright are trying to do their own champion one better, in the form of the XP-90C. It's the same XP-90 we know and love, except this one is solid copper. Let's check it out!"