Samsung Syncmaster LCD, Thermaltake Cooler, ATi AIW and More...

Good evening friends, welcome back!  The news flow has slowed down for the evening, but we still have a few tasty articles for you to sink your teeth into.  So, go grab yourself a cold drink, toss in some tunes and kick back with the HH Nightcap...

 Samsung Syncmaster 173P 17-inch LCD Display Review @ PC Stats

"The compact little 17" screen of the Samsung Syncmaster 173P boasts a resolution of 1280x1024 pixels, and an industry standard dot pitch of 0.264mm that makes for a crisper image than current 19" LCDs can muster. While the 173P does retail a bit higher than the average 17" LCD, priced a little over $600USD, it does offer up a contrast ratio of 700:1 and brightness value of 270 cd/m2. Its pixel refresh time is pretty standard at 25ms, but its viewing angles break the barrier at 178 degrees (horizontal/vertical). I'm not sure what person would expect to work on a screen from an angle of 2 degrees, but at least you have the option open to you."

 Thermaltake UFO Twin Blade Fan @

"Thermaltake is at it again. Long known around the office as the makers of all things "spinny", you'd think that they'd run out of innovative ideas at some point. The good news is that today is not that day.  We have sitting in front of us the new UFO twin blade fan to review and if looks equal performance, then we have a winner."

 ATI AIW 9600XT @ All AMD

"Need to run multimedia applications AND have decent 3D performance? You won't find any other card that'll do this and give you the added bonus of having an FM tuner.  ATI pushes forward with their new incarnation of the All In Wonder line with the AIW 9600XT"

 Thermalright NB-1C Chipset Cooler Review @ PC Perspective

"The NB-1C chipset cooler lives up to the reputation many have come to expect from Thermalright. The NB-1C exhibits excellent quality and workmanship in a small package.  If you are looking for a high performance chipset cooler and aren't quite ready to take the plunge into water-cooling, then the new Thermalright NB-1C may be just what you are looking for."

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