Samsung ML-2010 Laser Printer, Leadtek PX7800 TDH MyVIVO Extreme

DICE's Battlefield 2 has been patched again, this time adding a new map(Wake Island), Stat Compare, improved mod support, and much more. Click here to grab the patch and see the changelog. Enjoy the news!

Leadtek PX7800 TDH MyVIVO Extreme @

"The top end model was the 7800 GTX, and unlike what we've seen from their Canadian counterparts, NVIDIA had the products on store shelves the very same day they were launched. Fast-forward to now: Manufacturers have had some time to play around with their designs, and we're starting to see some interesting products. Today we're reviewing teh 7800GTX Extreme from Leadtek. They used a Quadro heatsink, and gave it a nice overclock."

HEC Group ACE 580UB ATX Power Supply @

"Let me start off by saying that I only buy 3 different manufactures of power supplies: PC Power & Cooling, Enermax, and Antec. I have had great luck, no failures, and rock solid results with all 3 of those companies. However, after testing out this power supply and seeing how stable it performs, I would now consider HEC Group when I need a new power supply unit."

Not another CrossFire Editorial! Beating the Dead Horse - ATI's CrossFire @

"Yes, in fact it is! But I have taken a much deeper look at the situation than just "ATI PR lied". There are many reasons why ATI did what they did, but I think most are missing the main reason why we are not seeing CrossFire enabled parts on the market. The simple fact is, these parts are soon going to be superfluous in the face of ATI's next generation products."

Samsung ML-2010 Laser Printer Review @ XYZ Computing

"Smaller than the ML-22[50/51N], but larger than the ML-1750, the ML-2010 is an excellent hybrid, merging the cost-effective economy of the 1750 with the more professional design of the 2250 series. For the more casual home user, the ML-2010 might actually be a more effective choice than a larger model such as the ML-2250 or the ML-2251N."

Steelsound 5H Headset Review @ ASE Labs

"The headphones in this package are more like the kind designed for studio/DJ work and more "serious" listening. They are not just a pair of $10, throw-away headphones. These have a much more accurate sound output, and wrap around your head, creating a near sound-proof barrier between your ear and outside background noise."