Samsung 980 Pro SSD Now Comes With A Revamped Heatsink For Easy PS5 Storage Upgrades

Samsung 980 Pro SSD With Heatsink
If you're looking to upgrade your PlayStation 5 with a fast SSD, Samsung's 980 Pro SSD is a suitable candidate. Even more so at the end of the month. That's because Samsung today announced it is equipping its speedy 980 Pro with a heastink that is specifically designed to fit inside the relatively tight confines of Sony's PS5 game console.

"Ready for installation in a slim, PS5-compatible design, the 980 Pro with Heatsink enables gamers to easily expand storage on their console. This addition to the Samsung 980 Pro SSD family is delivered with a proprietary built-in heatsink with Samsung Advanced Heat Dissipation Technology," Samsung says.

One of the perks of the PS5 is that Sony incorporated an M.2 slot so that gamers could upgrade their storage. It took some time for Sony to work things out on the firmware side, but now that it has, PS5 owners have the green light to tear into their shiny consoles and beef up their storage with a fast SSD. Choosing the right one is key, though.

Sony PlayStation 5 SSD Slot

The PS5 supports SSDs in 250GB to 4TB capacities. They must be NVMe Gen4 SSDs, with Sony recommending a sequential read speed of 5,500MB/s or faster. No slow-poke SATA drives, playa. The drives can be up to 11.25mm thick (up to 8mm from above the board, up to 2.45mm from below the board).

Samsung's 980 Pro (including the new heatsink variant) fits the bill. These are fast SSDs, and some performance figures from earlier this summer looked promising (we have yet to test the 980 Pro in a PS5 ourselves).

We did review the Samsung 980 Pro 2TB in a PC, though, as well as the 1TB and 512GB models. Simply put, they're fast—they're rated to deliver up to 7,100MB/s of sequential read performance and up to 5,100MB/s of sequential write performance, easily meeting Samsung's recommendations. And as for the dimensions of the heatsink lineup, they check in at 24mm (W) x 80mm (L) x 8.6mm (H).

"Once installed in the PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition console, the 980 Pro with Heatsink can be used to download, copy, and launch games and media apps. PS5 players can store and play PS5 games, PS4 games, and media apps directly from the high-speed 980 Pro with Heatsink and freely move games between storage options," Samsung ensures.

These will be available to purchase on October 29, priced at $249.99 for 1TB and $449.99 for 2TB, both backed by a 5-year warranty. Those represent premiums over the non-heatsink models, with street pricing currently at $176.80 for the 1TB model and $360.57 for the 2TB model. We'll have to wait and see if street pricing on the upcoming models dip below the MSRPs.