Saitek Gaming Keyboard, ABIT RX600 Pro-Guru 256MB, and more!

Earlier today I was shopping on E-Bay for a budget card for my friend... 9500 Pros going for around $70! I don't know, I was going to get my next card(6800 GT) from retail, probably Newegg, but E-Bay is just to good to pass up. Yeah, yeah... scammers all around and Pay-Pal can be a big hassle, but I've had some good experience from E-Bay so I'll take my chances again. Well, I'm going to play some HL2:DM after this, and then hit the sack, so let's get on with the news...

Creative Zen Micro @ hardwarezone

"Tired of paying good money for substandard portable audio players? Check out our review of Creative's latest Zen Micro and learn about its impressive audio quality and useful features. Find out why we just couldn't put it down after picking it up."

ABIT RX600 Pro-Guru 256MB PCI-E Video Card Video Review @ 3dGameMan

"The ABIT RX600 Pro-Guru 256MB PCI-E Video Card is a product targeted at the casual gamer. It has a core speed of 405MHz and a memory speed of 257MHz. There is an interesting feature which enables the core speed to increase to 500MHz by simply changing jumper position. Also, the vGuru software is loaded with features. Watch the Video to find out more..."

Saitek PC Gaming Keyboard @ LAN Addict

"I've been using the Saitek PC Gaming Keyboard for close to a month and I find it to be far more comfortable to use for long periods of time than any conventional keyboard. Add to that the versatility added by the Command Pad, which will work for any application, not just games, and you have an input package that is almost impossible to beat!"

Coolermaster Hyper48 Copper Heatpipe Cooler @ ExtremeMHz

"As I mentioned in another review previously, I really do have a short list of companies that I actually enjoy working with...Cooler Master is definitely on that list! Today I have the enviable pleasure of reviewing their newest heatpipe cooler, the Hyper 48. The 48 refers to this model's compatibility with both Socket 775/478 Pentium 4 and the AMD K8 platforms."