Mobile Ryzen 7 7745HX Dragon Range CPU Smokes 6900HX In Benchmark Leak

A mobile AMD Ryzen CPU popping out of a laptop keyboard.
The first laptops to feature mobile processors based on AMD's Zen 4 architecture will start shipping very soon (this month). As we wait for those high-powered beasts to arrive, a fresh benchmark leak gives us another potential early look at what to expect from AMD's Ryzen 7 7745HX, a mid-tier entry in the Dragon Range lineup. Spoiler: It's fast.

In case you missed it, AMD unveiled a handful of Ryzen 7000 laptop CPU families several weeks ago at the Consumer Electronics Show. They consist of the Ryzen 7045 series (Zen 4) for extreme gaming and content creation laptops, Ryzen 7040 series (Zen 4) for elite-level ultrathins, Ryzen 7035 series (Zen 3+) for premium thin and light notebooks, Ryzen 7030 series (Zen 3) for mainstream thin and light laptops, and Ryzen 7020 series (Zen 2) for everyday computing.

AMD Ryzen 7045 series chart outlining CPU specs.

With regards to the Ryzen 7045 lineup codenamed Dragon Range, it consists of the Ryzen 5 7645HX, Ryzen 7 7745HX, Ryzen 9 7845HX, and Ryzen 9 7945HX. These chips are built on a 5-nanometer FinFET manufacturing process and rock up to 16 cores and 32 threads, along with up to a 5.4GHz max boost clock and topping out at 80MB of L3+L2 cache.

The Ryzen 7 7745HX sits three rungs below the flagship Ryzen 9 7945HX and sports an 8-core/16-thread configuration. It also features a 3.6GHz base clock, 5.1GHz max boost clock, 40MB of L3+L2 cache, and a configurable 45-75W+ TDP.

Screenshot of Cinebench R23 result from a Ryzen 7 7745HX processor.
Source: Bilibili

What's been leaked is a Cinebench R23 benchmark run, with the chip said to be drawing around 95W. AMD has given its hardware partners the green light to push Dragon Range up to 100W. It scored 1,828 points in the single-core test and 18,606 in the multi-core test.

According to CPU-Monkey, AMD's Ryzen 9 6900HX scores 1,662 points in the single-core test and 14,670 in the multi-core test. Based off those figures, the leaked Ryzen 7 7745HX posted a nearly 10 percent higher single-core score, and a 26.8 percent higher multi-core score.

That's extremely impressive when you consider these are different-tier CPUs within their respective lineups—a new-generation Ryzen 7 versus a previous-generation Ryzen 9.

Cinebench R23 scores for several mobile CPUs graphed out.

We also have our own collection of Cinebench R23 scores that we can compare against (above graph plucked from our recent Razer Blade 16 laptop review). Both the single-score and multi-core results for the Ryzen 7 7745HX are nipping at the heels of Intel's Core i9-12900HK. That's a 12th Gen Alder Lake chip and not a 13th Gen Raptor Lake part, but it also wields a total of 14 cores and 20 threads (6 P-cores with Hyper Threading and 8 E-cores).

As always, we'd caution against reading too much into a benchmark leak. However, if these results hold up, then Dragon Range will be a formidable entry in the laptop market. And if the Ryzen 7 7745HX is performing this well, we're especially curious to see how the Ryzen 9 parts will fare.