Rumor: Samsung Makes An SSD Speed Demon

As always we want to start out by telling you that this is a rumor and thus we begin this news post with our normal warning that this is a rumor until we can confirm it, but what a rumor: a new generation of Samsung SSDs that are capable of 120 MB/sec reads and 100 MB/sec writes.

SSD isn't without its pitfalls, namely high price and, until now, typically lower transfer rates than traditional mechanical drives.  It looks like we might be entering a brave new world:

“These new drives come in 1.8 and 2.5-inch formats, and feature 960 Mbps sequential read and 800 Mbps sequential write speed respectively, corresponding to speeds of 120MB/s and 100MB/s.”

There isn't any word on capacity at this time, but we're still excited.  With transfer rates like this, we're wondering when 3.5-inch versions of these drives are going to be available.