Rumor: Next Generation Eee PC Specs Leaked

There is a rumor that the Eee PC is going to get a successor sometime in the new year.  Keep in mind that this is just a rumor, but the upgrade could be fairly extensive.  Early reports suggest that new Eee(e?) PC would feature a larger 8.9” screen, WiMAX, and could very well ride on Intel's new Menlow UMPC platform.

“Should ASUS choose to adopt the Menlow platform for the next generation Eee PC, huge power saving will be realized for users. The current Eee PC uses a 90nm, 900MHz Celeron M processor running at 630MHz with the current official BIOS. Intel's Menlow platform includes a 45nm Silverthorne processor which promises ten times the power efficiency of first generation UMPCs using Intel Celeron M, Pentium M and A100/A110 processors.”

ASUS is expected to show the new Eee PC off at CES, so we'll be able to verify the validity of these rumors fairly soon.
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