Researcher Uncovers iPhone App "Kill Switch"

First: there's no real evidence this is a "kill switch" that Apple will use, but still, based on Apple's protectiveness over the iPhone, it wouldn't surprise us.

Jonathan Zdziarski, author of the upcoming book iPhone Forensics, has revealed an URL that he suggests Apple is using to keep a list of any "offending" applications:

Apple apparently can disable App Store software remotely on your iPhone 3G. The iPhone calls home and poof the application is nuked.

Needless to say that this has caused a bit of a blog ruckus (Techmeme). MacRumors notes that Apple has come under fire for removing App Store software without notification and the ability to simply deauthorize apps already installed on an iPhone is worrisome. iPhone Atlas points out that Jonathan Zdziarski found Apple’s blacklist in a forensic analysis of the iPhone 3G.

Is this something to be outraged about? Yes, it’s creepy that iPhone can phone home and deactivate your apps, but the risk-reward is clearly in Apple’s favor.

The risk / reward analysis ZDNet does is creepy in and of itself.  The fact that we can actually look at a product with this sort of functionality, and still freely embrace it --- or rather, line up and fight over it --- shows what kind of hold Apple's i(Products) have over us.