Take A Look At This Glorious Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Trailer

Gamers have been looking forward to Red Dead Redemption 2 for a long time now. So far, we have seen trailers, but it has been mostly cut scenes instead of actual gameplay elements. We now have a new trailer that shows us a bunch of cutscenes and mixes that in with actual gameplay footage, and the game looks epic.

red dead gp

The slightly longer than six-minute video gives us a glimpse at most aspects of the game from the poker mini-game to schlepping your way around the open world, fighting hand-to-hand, catching fugitives, and shooting. You can easily tell what is cutscenes and what is gameplay by looking for the little mini map in the bottom right corner. That is really your only indication that gameplay isn’t cut scenes.

The gameplay mechanics look tight and it appears that you can hunt, fight, shoot, and play games with folks all around the game world. The video also shows a bit of how you choose what actions you are going to take be it aim a weapon, beat someone, or other tasks depending on the situation.

The last Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer we spoke of was in May, and that one featured protagonist John Marston. It was feared for a while that the game might only land for console gamers, but the PC version was leaked by a profile of one of the developers on LinkedIn.