QuakeCon 05 Wrap-Up, Dual-Core-Capable Pentium Platforms Compared

Hey everyone, here's your afternoon dose of news. I need to suck down a couple coffees and head out, so let's get to it...

Dual-core-capable Pentium platforms compared @ The Tech Report

"Intel's dual-core chips may be cheap, but they won't plug into just any LGA775 motherboard. The processors require a chipset from Intel's 955/945 family or NVIDIA's nForce4 SLI Intel Edition, so upgrading is more involved than simply buying a new CPU. Fortunately, motherboard manufacturers have flocked to Intel and NVIDIA's new chipsets, so there's no shortage of dual-core-compatible motherboards from which to choose."

BFG GeForce 7800 GTX OC Review @ nVnews | HH Perspective

"My review of the BFG GeForce 7800 GTX OC card is ready to roll. I really try to bring something unique to all of my reviews and this one is no different. I wrote a tool that you can use to compare various IQ screenshots via just your web browser. Many of you know how to do this with any number of graphics editing apps but there are many people that do not. So, I hope this is of some benefit to some of you."

Bluetake BT510 Bluetooth Mouse and BT009Si Bluetooth Adapter @ LAN Addict | Image

"One of the biggest features, in my opinion, is the additional USB power supply. What this means is that, in the event your batteries die, you have the option of plugging in the included USB cable and connecting it to the BT510 for power. Yes, that means you are no longer wireless, but it also means that you can still use your mouse!"

Bose SoundDock Digital Music System For iPod Review @ The TechZone

The Apple iPod has created an entire industry of products built around it. The hottest of these new accessories is the iPod speaker system like our recently reviewed inMotion iM3 from Altec Lansing. Hot on the heels of Altec is Bose with new SoundDock Digital Music System for the Apple iPod and iPod Mini.

QuakeCon 05: Wrap-up by Redwood @ GDHardware.com

"Quakecon 2005 is now over - my liver is slowly recovering and caffeine withdrawal easing. During this recovery, I will attempt to cover some of the items I did not get to on the first day of the event such as Quake 4 in more detail and the Creative X-Fi soundcard."

Via:  HH News Feed
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