Quad-Core Vista Gaming Looking Fantastic

It's been more than a year since Intel demonstrated their Kentsfield CPUs running Remedy's upcoming Alan Wake.  At the time the world got its first glimpse of what a quad-core ready game could be like, and there were plenty of oooohs and aaaahhhs to go around.

Now that quad-core CPUs are here and reasonably priced, and Vista with its DX 10 is here, what does Remedy have to say about these new technologies?  Here's a snip from a Q & A with Markus Maki, the Director of Development at Remedy:

Q: Does the engine profit from CPUs with four or even eight core? If yes what is the expected performance gain resulting from four or more cores?
A: Alan Wake currently runs faster and smoother on quad core systems than on dual core. Depending on the gameplay situation, the performance gain can be about 30%. We haven't looked at leveraging 8 cores to the max yet.

Q: Does the game support DX 10? Will there be a fallback for DX 9 too?
A: We haven't announced anything on this yet.

Q: How do you utilize the DX10 API? What can only be rendered with Shader Model 4
A: We haven't announced anything on this yet.“

It seems a bit strange that Remedy is so mum on DirectX 10 at this point.