This Quad-Slot GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Is Quietly Chilling Out With Noctua Fans

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Sycom has created a very unique RTX 4070 Ti featuring Noctua’s high-performance NFA12x25 120mm fans. It is one of the very few (if not the only) GeForce cards to be manufactured with Noctua fans. Noctua itself has Noctua-branded RTX 30 and 40 series cards (that are co-manufactured with Asus), but it doesn’t have an RTX 4070 Ti variant yet. Pricing and availability have not been announced.

Due to the fan size, the card features a massive quadruple-slot form factor, with a length of 315mm and a height of 145mm that extends well beyond the PCIe slots. Connected to the fans is a large aluminum heatsink that features six 6mm copper heatpipes. On top of the fans is a matte black shroud that is made out of steel rather than aluminum. 

Steel isn’t the lightest material in the world, but it will make the shroud super durable and allow users to replace the fans without having to worry about the screw holes breaking. To hold everything in place, Sycom is using a metal backplate for structural support that also includes a large ventilation cut-out to the rear, enabling the rear fan to push air directly through the graphics card.

708px rtx 4070 ti noctua sycom2

Due to its steel shroud and brown Noctua fans, the card has a highly industrial look that sets it apart from most of today’s graphics cards. The aluminum heatsink is completely exposed on all sides, and the shroud is painted in a minimalistic black color scheme that is devoid of any fancy RGB lighting or fancy logos. The fans unsurprisingly retain their brown Noctua finish, giving the card a unique brown, black, and silver color scheme.

It might not be the prettiest card, but it is very capable thanks to its free airflow and very large 120mm fans. The fans themselves are Noctua’s high-performance NF-A12x25 120mm spinners spec'd for speeds up to 2000 RPM. Compared to standard GPU fans these Noctuas are much more potent, as they are designed primarily for CPU coolers and system chassis, and rated at up to 60 CFM. In testing, Sycom found that its Noctua-cooled RTX 4070 Ti hit 71.4C average under load.

Sycom is the second vendor (after Asus) to put Noctua fans in a graphics card. The cooling performance may not stand out compared to similarly sized triple-fan RTX 4070 Ti cards on the market, but the aesthetic is truly unique and it should be very quiet indeed. As we noted above, Sycom didn't offer pricing and availability, but given that the manufacturer is Japanese, don't be shocked if this card doesn't make it stateside.