Red Dead Redemption II PlayStation 4 Pro Bundle Announced

Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption II is one of the most anticipated launches of the year. The game is landing on console systems first, but a leak has tipped a PC launch date thanks to a developer posting to his LinkedIn profile that he was working on the PC version of the game. A gameplay trailer turned up in August showing us some of the fantastic graphics we will see in the game.

rd2 ps4

Rockstar and Sony have announced that a special bundle with a PS4 Pro and Red Dead Redemption II will launch on October 26. If you are hoping for a special console along the lines of the translucent blue limited-edition model, you will be sad to hear the PS4 Pro in this bundle is the standard black 1TB version. The console ships with a DualShock 4 wireless controller and the game on Blu-ray disc.

red dead 2 2

The bundle sells for $399.99 and can be pre-ordered right now. RDRII should be an excellent game to enjoy in 4K and HDR quality, assuming you have the TV to support those features. HDR is supported on the PS4 Pro with Sony and Rockstar promising that HDR lets players enjoy the game with more a more vibrant range of colors. HDR features for the game are available on the standard PS4 too.

One potential issue with this PS4 Pro bundle is that the version of the game included is the standard one; other versions of the game include special items. The console bundle can be pre-ordered via Amazon and Best Buy.