Clever Plugin Enables DLAA In These DLSS-Supported Games For Crisper Graphics

nvidia nomanssky dlaa
Alright, reader—are you ready to be confused? DLSS is NVIDIA's Deep Learning Super Sampling. It has two primary forms: DLSS 2 upscaling and DLSS 3 frame generation. Despite the name, neither one is actually "super-sampling" anything. Instead, they are both "up-sampling"; DLSS 2 is doing it spatially, and DLSS 3 is doing it temporally. However, DLSS 2's DLL has now moved into 3.x versions, though it shouldn't be confused with DLSS 3 or frame generation.

What does this mean? Well, the DLSS 3.1.1 DLL that we have available actually includes all of the previous behind-the-scenes profiles for DLSS 2. That means that you can toggle different presets for DLSS upscaling within an application without having to swap the DLL. That's pretty handy, but of course, the game would have to have that function built-in. That's where DLSSTweaks comes in.

This video showcases DLAA versus TAA (via DLSSTweaks) in Cyberpunk 2077.

Besides the ability to pick your DLSS preset—a feature normally done by the game developer and hidden away from gamer eyes—DLSSTweaks also lets you force-enable DLAA in most games that support DLSS upscaling. DLAA is essentially DLSS 2 upscaling run at native resolution. In practice, it's basically a form of temporal anti-aliasing, although NVIDIA says that it's better than typical TAA solutions.

hogwarts legacy pensieve
Hogwarts Legacy is beautiful with DLAA in native 4K.

With that said, we've actually already tested DLAA in a few games, including Deep Rock Galactic, Monster Hunter Rise, and most recently, in Hogwarts Legacy. If you're not using DLSS upscaling, DLAA has a pretty small performance impact, likely because it runs on the GPU's tensor cores. It looks great if you like temporal AA—certainly better than the other temporal anti-aliasing options in those games. NVIDIA has a list of all games with DLSS or DLAA over here.

titles known to work with dlsstweaks

If you'd like to fool around with DLSSTweaks, keep in mind that this isn't a simple drop-in upgrade mod. Similar to other multi-game graphics mods like ReShade and SpecialK, you're going to have to play around with it a bit by editing a config file if you want the most benefit. The app has extensive documentation, so make sure to read through it first. You can find DLSSTweaks over on Github.