PlayStation 4 Continues Console Domination Over Xbox One With February Sales Win

There was a time back during the closing months of 2016 when we thought that Microsoft had turned the tide with Xbox One sales. A rather extensive round of price cuts along with the release of the Xbox One S allowed Microsoft to beat the PlayStation 4 in console sales for four straight months.

However, Sony got its groove back in November (helped by the PlayStation 4 Pro launch) and hasn’t looked back since. According to NDP Group, the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro have taken the sales crown again in February, extending its unbroken winning streak to four months.

PS4 Glacier White

It shouldn’t be too surprising to see why Sony was able to hold on to the lead given that Capcom closed out January with the release of Resident Evil 7, which also just so happened to support the red-hot PlayStation VR. It’s also possible that Sony got a bit of traction with console sales in anticipation of the release of the PlayStation-exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn, which launched on February 28th.

With Sony clearly running away with the console sales crown this generation, Microsoft was resigned to boast that Xbox One game hours and “global unique multiplayer users” grew 11 percent and 35 percent respectively year-over-year during the month of February.

According to figures compiled by VGChartz, the PlayStation 4 family maintains a nearly 2-to-1 advantage over the Xbox One in global hardware sales as of January 28th 2017. Unless Microsoft goes on another price cutting spree, it’s unlikely that the PlayStation 4/PlayStation 4 Pro will hand over the sales crown… at least until we some movement with Project Scorpio, which is set to launch during the Holiday 2017 shopping season.