PC-Exclusive XCOM 2 Suits Up For November Earth Invasion

Mere weeks after Firaxis and 2K Games announced the first expansion pack for Civilization: Beyond Earth, Rising Tide, the companies follow-up with another announcement that XCOM fans will swoon over: XCOM 2 is en route.

In traditional game publisher fashion, a launch trailer has been released that gives us a quick taste of what we can expect to see in XCOM 2:

XCOM 2 acts as a sequel to Enemy Unknown, released in 2012, and takes place 20 years after that game's events. Aliens took over, and now it's time for XCOM forces to strike back and reclaim control of Earth.

Unlike Enemy Unknown, XCOM 2 is going to be a PC-exclusive, available for Windows, Linux, and OS X. That's unfortunate for console gamers, but does give hope to PC gamers that XCOM 2 could become a shining example of what a PC game can be. There will be no "consolitis" here.

XCOM 2 01

XCOM 2 02

As exciting as it is to learn of a hot new game on its way is, it's sometimes frustrating knowing just how long the wait will be for it. That problem isn't quite so stark with XCOM 2, as it's going to land in just five months, in November, alongside what is typically a seriously busy month for game releases.

With E3 right around the corner, it seems likely that we'll be learning a lot more about the game there.